Overview of the Cards

Every couple wants to create that healthy and satisfying relationship in which you feel valued, appreciated, and supported by your partner.

These Grow your Healthy Relationship Cards offer you those words of love, support, and connection that we all want to hear from our partner. When these words are spoken out loud to your partner, they will touch their heart. They can stir deep thoughts and feelings that your partner may want to share with you so that you can know them better.

These Grow your Healthy Relationship Cards will offer you opportunities to have meaningful conversations with each other about what really matters in your relationship. They will also provide valuable information and tools that every couple will want to know, namely:

The Four Stages of Growth
The Essential Skills of Relationship

Four Stages of Growth

“Mother Nature” is THE expert in growing things, and she is responsible for all life on our planet. If we follow in “Mother Nature’s” footsteps as she grows a magnificent fruit tree from a tiny seed and apply those same principles for growing our own relationship, we will have the blueprint for success. Here are the Four Stages of Growth, guided by Mother Nature, and the corresponding Four Stages of Growth of a healthy relationship:

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Essential Skills of Relationship

A healthy and growing relationship is alive and ever-changing, as the partners continue to evolve as individuals, with emerging needs and goals. The Essential Relationship Skills that every couple will want to know to meet those challenges are: Communication – Nourishment – Weeding – Mending & Repair

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